BE A Gravel Doctor®

Driveway Repair Made Easy with The Gravel Doctor®

Consider the following questions:

Would you like to expand your existing business?
The Gravel Doctor machine attaches to a category 1 three point hitch on a compact 4 wheel drive tractor. If you are in the landscaping business or have a compact tractor, the Gravel Doctor can expand your current business with minimal investment allowing you to address a virtually untapped market in the gravel driveway & parking lot maintenance sector – with little or no competition !

Would you like to take control of you own destiny and have job security? In these days of downsizing, outsourcing & and job uncertainty, in this economic environment of high overheads, complicated governmental requirements & marginal profits – the future of many jobs is questionable. Would you want to have more control in your life? Gravel driveways and parking lots will require maintenance as long as cars and trucks have tires. The Gravel Doctor service is appreciated by everyone – whether it be residential, commercial or industrial clients – no one likes potholes!

Do you enjoy meeting people?
Instead of seeing the same people day after day & going to the same place every day, wouldn’t you like to see something different & meet new & interesting people? As a Gravel Doctor you can !

Do you like to work outdoors?
If you enjoy the sun & fresh air – why be cooped up inside when you can experience the freedom of the outdoors.

Do you take pride in a job well done?
How many times have you been forced to accept a sub-standard result just because you didn’t have the power to have input in the final product? As a Gravel Doctor you control the quality & your customers will credit you with a job “well done” and save them money at the same time.

Do you like to be “ hands on”?
Being a Gravel Doctor means the you have the option of being a one – man /woman operation – or – being a multi-person business. You can operate your Gravel Doctor business as a part-time or full time business. You decide how much money you make.

Would you like to be associated with an “environmentally friendly” business ?
If you want to be a part of a solution to minimizing our environmental carbon footprint on this planet then you can be proud to call yourself a Gravel Doctor. *** See the page “Green Technology” & “grass and weed control” for more info.***

Would you like to be a part of a growing business that maximizes the internet to bring leads to you in a most cost effective way?
The cost of advertising the “old” way is prohibitive & spending your time doing estimates that don’t result in a sale costs you money & takes up valuable time. Your customers can get estimates on line so they can be pre-qualified before you attend their site.The Gravel Doctor web presence is second to none – we dominate the web in the gravel driveway & parking lot maintenance industry.

If you answer “yes” to at least 5 of these questions the Gravel Doctor
could be just what you’ve been looking for – An enjoyable way to make an above average income with a job you enjoy !

Gravel Doctor® Opportunities Available

This is what the Gravel Doctors have to say:

DENNIS RAWLIEGH – GD since 2003 – Canaseraga, N.Y. USA

“It’s great to be my own boss and spend my time the way I want”
“It feels good to be a respected member of our business community”

BARRY HEASLIP – GD since 2003 – Niagara Falls Area, Ontario, Canada

“What impresses me the most are the results that the GD machine achieves”
“ It is extremely mobile & I don’t require any employees”
“It’s environmentally friendly & that’s important in today’s marketplace”

ERIC SCHER – GD since 2014 – Lancaster Ohio, USA

“Never, in all the different things I’ve done in my life, did people ever stop their cars to chat and tell me how much they wish it was them playing out there on the equipment.”
“Not every day is great. Sometimes the weather is a pain, sometimes things don’t co-operate, sometime annoying things just happen. But then there are days when you’re out there thinking: I can’t believe I get paid for this…”


JOSH HENRY – GD since 2014 Indianapolis Indiana, USA

“ I don’t have to work for anybody else – I’m making a good living on my own”
“ It ( the machine ) does what is represented”
“The Gravel Doctors have no direct competition !”

DARRYL MORRIS – GD since 2015 Halifax NS Canada

“ Ease of operation – the Gravel Doctor is simple to operate – loads & unloads quickly and easily and is nothing like a box scraper . “The Gravel Doctor machine out -performs any other gravel maintenance equipment on the market”.
“The web site marketing is the perfect way to drive business to you. We used to do excavating and yard work – but now we don’t have much time for anything but Gravel Doctor work!


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